MiniFitness.FR is a complete fitness device designed for the daily practice of walking, jogging or fitness at home or anywhere else.

Main advantages

Unlike steppers or other pedals known, does not include any mechanical parts susceptible to wear, maintenance or noise nuisance because it is made in one piece of high-performance composite material covered with a non-slip elastomer material.

Its small size, low weight and sleek design, make it easy to use, store and transport in any location.

Totally silent, it can be used by watching TV or listening to music.

Its elasticity stimulates the movements with the feeling of not making any effort.

It can replace by itself the classic steppers, walking mats and many fitness equipments. is also adapted to the rehabilitation of any functional part of the body.

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Main uses

Used as a stepper, the alternative movement of the pedals is achieved naturally by simply transferring the body weight from one pedal to another. allows the practice of walking or jogging with a natural synchronization of the movement of the arms and legs.

  • Its low inertia makes it possible to modify the rate in use.
  • The position of the feet on the pedals is sufficient to modify the force during use. also allows the upper body to be requested by using accessories (not supplied with the device) such as weights or elastics by performing the various movements recommended by the distributors of these accessories.

Used in returned position, becomes an articulated platform intended for the practice of various exercises (balance, floor exercises, etc.).

Beneficial Effects and et Recommendations thus becomes a complete fitness device intended to burn smoothly calories and contribute to the toning of the whole body.

All the beneficial effects resulting from walking or jogging are reproduced with with in addition the protection of ligaments, tendons and joints that are no longer subjected to shocks.

It activates blood circulation and increases cardiac functions and metabolism.

It increases balance and postural maintenance.

It is recommended for lack of exercise, excess weight or stress.

It keeps fitness at any age and increases the joy of living.

It physically prepares the body to practice many sports.

Regular use of 20 minutes per day is enough to maintain and improve fitness.

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